What colour is your startup’s moat?

The purpose of this blog is to provide the startup CEO with a framework that captures learnings from successful competitive battles. I believe this framework should (1) Help entrepreneurs shape their business model such that it enjoys impenetrable competitive advantage or a large barrier to imitation (2) Encourage entrepreneurs to alter capital and resource allocation to feed and widen the barrier to imitation (yes they need to be fed and protected – more on that below) (3) Help better communicate the same to their employees and investors as they align on a business strategy (4) Avoid ‘Grow or Die’ mindset which leads to ‘Grow and Die’ results

Learning from Failure (Part 2) – ‘The Middle Seat Strategy’ – Stuck in No Man’s Land

Imagine a scenario wherein the company's senior executives are unable to logically answer the question "What will the company NOT do?"- if so, there is a high probability that the company is 'Stuck in No Man's Land' or is following, what I call is the 'Middle Seat Strategy'. The name 'Middle Seat Strategy' came rather … Continue reading Learning from Failure (Part 2) – ‘The Middle Seat Strategy’ – Stuck in No Man’s Land

‘The Deception of Growth’​ – Hyper-growth rendering Competitive Advantage meaningless?

Hyper-growth is hiding flaws in business strategy and clouding the entrepreneur's ability to invest behind sustainable competitive advantage. The idea if the blog is to bring to forefront core tenets of good strategy and also, present an easy framework to communicate the same.